We have prepared the plan for post-conference field trips. Please choose the most attractive field trip for you. Each participant is allowed to join the only one post-conference field trip.

"Mission to Mars"

(The Republic of Altai)

Trip to Altai is a unique chance to visit the sacred places of Mountain Altai, to see petroglyphs of ancient civilizations and Scythian mounds. It is also an exquisite way to experience an unusual natural phenomena.

The unearthly beauty of colored mountains is a wonderful place for people who like geology, unique natural objects and rare photos hunters. As like an invisible artist colored the ridges in hundreds of shades of red, yellow, orange and green.

During the "Mission to Mars", you are waited by mountain passes and changing landscapes. You will see Chuiskie Squirrels (Chui Alps) - magnificent snowy peaks (3-4 thousand meters), and among them the largest mountain is Maash-Bash, 4173 m.

Excursions and Tours

1st day: check-in to the sanatorium of Belokurikha. Belokurikha city sightseeing and excursion to the mineral waters' springs.

2nd day: departure from Belokurikha - boating to the Kamyshlinsky waterfall - a trip along the Chuysky tract - Seminsky pass - Chike-Taman pass - merge of  Chuya and Katun rivers - accommodation in the Aktash Village.

3rd day: departure to Martian Valley - a picnic down by the river - arrival in the village. Aktash - a walk to the Thermal Lake.

4th day: cliffs of the Red Gate - Kalbak-Tash tract (a museum of petroglyphs in the open air) - departure to Belokurikha - stops at the ridges - arrival to Belokurikha and departure to Tomsk.

Total price: 25000-30000 Rub (340-410 Euro).

NOTE! Prices may vary and depend on the delegates numbers. The final price will be calculated and confirmed later.

The trip estimated price includes 3 meals a day in Belokurikha, transfer Tomsk-Belokurikha-Tomsk, 4-day trip with a guide, accommodation and meal during the trip.

Martian Valley, Altai Republic
The Thermal Lake
Martian Valley, Altai Republic
Merge of Chuya and Katun rivers

The Valley of Joy
The yurt complex "Kyug"
The Center of Educational Geological Practices of TPU
Bele Salt Lake
"Mysterious Chests"
The ''Tuimsky Sinkhole''

"Geological Walks and Area of Salt Lakes"

(The Republic of Khakassia)

Khakassia is a region of steppe in lush greenery, healing lakes and mysterious ancient monuments. The region is located in the south of Eastern Siberia. It's a crossroads of the unique landscapes and mysterious culture of the Khakass people. This incredibly beautiful place forms a mystical ethno-natural alliance. Amateurs of antiquities will be amazed at a large number of archaeological sights - the ancient burial mounds, the ruins of ancient cities and pagan steles. The shore of salt lakes is an ideal place for relaxing. Amateurs of relaxation will be able to spend their days on the shore of salt lakes.

Khakassia is a unique geological object and is a natural laboratory that allows observing geological processes in various landscape areas.

Excursions and Tours

1st day. Journey to the "Valley of Joy": Visiting the yurt complex "Kyug". The complex "Kyug" is located 140 kilometres from Abakan, on the bank of the small river Askiz, practically on the territory of the national museum-reserve "Kazanovka". This is a place of the junction between two mountainous areas, the Altai Mountains and the Sayan Mountains.

The yurt complex is created especially for tourists. Wooden yurts fully correspond to their prototype - yurts of nomadic peoples. "Kyug" in Russian translation means "joy, pleasure".

You will see the rock paintings, which dates back 3-5 thousand years ago. Moreover, you will be shown how archaeologists copy these images onto paper for further study, and the resulting drawings can be taken as a rare souvenir. In addition, you will learn the purpose of the mysterious vertical stones sticking out of the earth throughout the territory of Khakassia, and you will see real archaeological excavations.

2nd day. "Geological route": Placement in the center of educational geological practices of Tomsk Polytechnic University and the passage of a geological route.

The center of educational geological practices of TPU is a natural laboratory covering areas of varying complexity of geological structure and nakedness. The polygon represents the area at the junction of the Salairian folded structures of the Kuznetsk Alatau and the Hercynian Minusinsk intermountain. In this place geological objects simple and complex in their structure and accessibility, including numerous deposits and manifestations of gold, copper, molybdenum, tungsten with the richest mineralogy, are combined.

3rd day. "Salt Lakes Day": Visit to Shira Lake and the camp site on  Bele Lake. Rest on the lake.

Bele is a famous salt lake of Khakassia located 8 km north of Lake Shira. It is the second in its popularity after Lake Shira. The lake is characterized by a shallow depth along the coastal line, which makes it just an ideal place for a safe bath.

4thday. "Mysterious Chests": this is an unusual remnant at the tops of mountains and unusual mountains, used, according to archaeologists for observing the stars. This is an ancient observatory - Siberian Stonehenge.

Departure to the ''Tuimsky Sinkhole'', to the former mining community of Tuim. Here, molybdenum and copper concentrates were mined. You will see a stone canyon with multi-meter veins of black and green ore - molybdenum and copper.

Departure to Abakan.

Total price: 35000-45000 Rub (480-620 Euro).

NOTE! Prices may vary and depend on the delegates numbers. The final price will be calculated and confirmed later.

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