We have prepared the plan for pre-conference field trips. Please choose the most attractive field-trip for you. Each participant is allowed to join the only one pre-conference field trip.

"Where Russia begins"


Kamchatka is hundreds of kilometres of untouched taiga and high-mountain tundra, cleanest cold mountain rivers and volcanic tuffs. Kamchatka is famous for its volcanoes, fishing, and very short summers. Mountain passes are covered with snow all the year round.

There are more than three hundred volcanoes, thirty of them are considered to be active. The peninsula lies near the convergence zone of giant lithospheric plates and is one of the links of the Pacific volcanic ring and a huge natural museum of volcanology.

The main attraction in Kamchatka after volcanoes is cold and hot mineral springs of various chemical composition and temperature. Some sources and hot springs are located in volcano craters or on the bottom of the caldera, others in the river valleys and on the coastal terraces.

Among the mountains of the Eastern volcanic belt at an altitude of more than 500 meters, in the basin of the Shumnaya River tributary, the Valley of Geysers as one of the natural wonders of the world is located. The Valley of Geysers is a bowl of an ancient lake that disappeared many centuries ago, is deeply dissected by a mountain river.

Another notable place of Kamchatka is the "Avachinskaya" bay on the southeast coast. The bay is sheltered from the Pacific by a narrow strait of 3 km, which protects it quite well from the sea elements. Here such marine animals as seals find their shelter on the coastal rocks and small islets bird bazaars are placed. The undoubted symbol of the bay are the rocks "Three Brothers" located at the entrance to the bay.

Excursions and Tours:

One-day jeep tour: 1) thermal Apachin springs, Malkin springs, Ozerki and other places (2-3 places); 2) an interesting and informative excursion to the Mutnovsky geothermal station with a visit to the active funnel of the Mutnovsky volcano (depending on the weather conditions - in July, deep snow can still lie there).
One-day helicopter excursion: 1) the Valley of Geysers with a visit to the Uzon caldera and thermal manifestations of the Nalychevo Valley; 2) the Kurile Lake (volcanic area, it is possible to meet wild bears) with a visit to the volcanoes Khodutka and Ksudach with bathing in natural thermal manifestations.
Sea excursion along the Avachinskaya Bay on a boat with fishing, fish soup, crabs (acquaintance with the animal world - birds, sea lions, if lucky, and then whales).

Price per person:

  • air ticket - 80 000 Rub (1100 Euro);
  • accommodation - 20 000 Rub (280 Euro);
  • excursions: jeep tours 7 000 Rub (96 Euro) per day, helicopter excursion - 40 000 Rub (550 Euro) per day, sea excursion - 5 000 Rub (70 Euro). Total price ranges from 25 000 to 100 000 Rub (345-1400 Euro).

Total: 125 000 - 200 000 Rub (1700-2750 Euro)

NOTE! Prices may vary and depend on the delegates numbers. The final price will be calculated and confirmed later.

The Valley of Geysers
Avachinskaya Bay and "Three Brothers" rocks
The Mutnovsky Volcano
Kurilskoe Lake
Kamchatka, "Russia begins here"
Baidinskie Caves
Pomegranate Beach
The Olkhon Island
The Marble Road
The Ininsky Garden of Stones

"Shaman Region"


Baikal is the deepest and perhaps the oldest lake in the world, it is about 25 million years old. It approximately stores a quarter of the world's fresh water reserves and it is crystal clean. A white disk with a 30 cm diameter is visible through Baikal water even at a depth of 40 meters.

The lake is located at an altitude of almost 500 meters above sea level, its length is 636 kilometres, and the width varies from 20 to 80 kilometres. There are 1.85 thousand species of animals in Baikal and on its shores and 850 species of plants, many of which are found only here.

More than three hundred rivers flow into this fresh water reservoir of the Earth, and the one Angara River follows out of Baikal. There are stone towers over the water near the Listvyanka Village, which is located 70 km from Irkutsk. According to the legend, Father-Baikal threw this fragment of the rock after his disobedient daughter - the beautiful Angara. Contrary to the prohibitions of her father, she went to her fiance Yenisei, pushing the mountains around the lake.

Excursions and Tours:

Olkhon metamorphic terrain of the Baikal region. Here we will see geologically interesting and very beautiful objects. You can see marble road, stone garden, Baidinsky caves, Sarmi gorge and Pomegranate beach.  We will also visit hydrogeological objects including Arshan springs which discharged at the contact of carbonate karst rocks and gneisses, salt lakes in the Tazheran steppe, thermokarst lakes and etc.

Olkhon Island. The island is interesting with exogenous processes, beautiful nature of the National Park "Reserve Baikal Region”. 

Price per person:

  • air ticket Moscow - Irkutsk - Tomsk 30 000 - 35 000 Rub (410-500 Euro);
  • exscursions.

Total: 125 000 - 200 000 Rub (1700-2750 Euro)

NOTE! Prices may vary and depend on the delegates numbers. The final price will be calculated and confirmed later.

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