All manuscripts should generally align with the following topics, but sessions may be added for groups of manuscripts which share a common theme.

1. Geological evolution of water-rock system: mechanisms, processes, factors, stages.

2. Organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, formation of oil and gas deposits.

3. Water-Rock Interaction during oil and gas field development and operation.

4. Thermodynamics and kinetics of water-rock interaction, experimental geochemistry.

5. Modeling of hydrogeochemical and ore formation processes.

6. Geochemical cycles of elements and global environmental changes.

7. Geochemistry of natural waters: from atmospheric precipitations to deep brines.

8. Magmatic, metamorphic and geothermal processes.

9. Water-rock interaction controlling water quality and human health issues.

10. Disposal of radioactive waste: geological, hydrogeological and geochemical aspects.

11. Advances in analytical techniques for the study of water-rock interaction.

12. Applied isotope geochemistry.