Top UK holiday destinations with cheapest fish and chips as average chippy tea now £11

Fish and chips is the latest meal to be battered by the cost of living crisis with average prices coming in at a colossal £11.

Recent reports show that prices at the chippy have spiked due to the increased cost of produce like fish and cooking oil.

As holidaymakers look to keep costs down with more opting for British staycations, here is a list of popular destinations with the best value fish and chips.

In February, the average price of fish and chips was between £6.50 and £9, according to The National Federation of Fish Friers.

The publication used TripAdvisor to seek out the best fish and chip shops in popular holiday destinations and analysed prices.

This was then used to produce a list of top places where you are most likely to find the nicest and cheapest chippy meal.

North Yorkshire was top of the list, offering the popular meal for just £7 with Devon close behind at £7.79. The Scottish Highlands featured next, with an average price of £9.78 followed by Powys at £10.12 and Dorset at £10.14.

Also in the top ten was Conwy, at £10.14, Gwynedd, at £10.33, Cumbria, at £10.58, Northumberland, at £10.73, and Lancashire, at £10.75.

Norfolk took 11th place, at £10.76, followed by Denbigshire, at £10.76, and Derbyshire, at £10.91.

All destinations on the list offered fish and chips under the average price of £11.05.

But those holidaying in the top three destinations can be sure to get their money’s worth with average fish and chip prices of between £7 and £10.

England appears to offer the best bang for your buck when it comes to the national dish, home to eight out of the 14 destinations.

While four top spots were located in Wales and just one was found in Scotland.

The lowest priced restaurant on the list was R&Bs in Inverness offering a classic fish and chips for just £4.25. But it appears the chippy does not scrimp on quality with a 4.3/5 Google rating.