Vet in stitches at dog’s embarrassing name then owner translates it

When you rescue a dog from a shelter, you don’t have any control over their previous name or the meaning behind it.

Some people opt to keep it the same and others choose to swap it for a preference of their own.

One couple made the decision to change their rescue dog’s name, then later realised how hilarious it actually was.

The pair currently live in France and adopted a senior dog last year to live with their existing two rescues.

They decided to name him Herbie but became curious when their French vet kept laughing at his old name – so they looked it up.

After a quick online search, they realised the 12-year-old dog’s official title translated to ‘Thug Life’ on his paperwork.

The post shared by Sector7Studios read: “Adopted this dude, named him Herbie. We didn’t know why the vet laughed at his French name, so we finally translated it.”

In the comments section, the owner said his official name is “La vie de voyou – or Voyou for short”.

They explained: “He came with a lot of paperwork and has been through multiple homes – and names – over the years. We just never looked that closely at it all until today.”

The couple suspect he was named by the rescue centre and say it’s so funny because Herbie is a “little, gentle old guy” and “the least intimidating dog ever”.

Though they joked: “He’s 12, been around the block a few times so maybe the name fits!”

The post has since garnered more than 13,000 upvotes and Reddit users have been amused by Herbie’s original name.

One person said: “He didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose him,” and another joked: “What an adorable little thug.”

A third wrote: “Absolutely the best name ever!”

Others have become smitten with Herbie and agree that his name is a perfect match.

A user said: “Voyou is often used in an endearing way as in ‘aaw ya little thug’ / ‘aaaw petit voyou’. He’s so so cute, both Herbie and Voyou suit him I have to say.”

His owner later added: “All our dogs are rescue pups and they’ve all been so grateful and loving, but Herbie even more so somehow, he’s just come out of his shell so much over the months we’ve had him.

“He’s living his best life for sure. He is OBSESSED with my wife. Definitely some separation anxiety there but fortunately our life means we never have to leave him alone so he just gets cuddles all day every day and that’s never gonna change!”