Geological route

The presented route allows you to maximum embrace the geological evolution of the Tomsk region, starting with the Carboniferous system (C) 360-340 million years to modern sediments. In the Carboniferous on the territory of the Tomsk region there was a warm sea basin, sometimes alternating to marshy land. You may make sure of this to find marine invertebrates: bryozoans, brachiopods p. Spirifer, Chonetes and cephalopods of the Ortoceratidae family and fragments of terrestrial flora in shale, aleurolite and sandy deposits. If you want to see suffusion (errosiоn) circuses or underwashing, dyke complex, weathering crust, as well as the site of an ancient man with mammoth bones and stone tools with an age of 18 thousand. years, you should definitely choose this route. The excursion is finished by a visit of Mirninsky Opal Deposit, which is unique in that it contains several varieties of this mineral.

Open cut & Coal basin

Chernigovskiy open cut is located in Kemerovo region, 270 km from Tomsk. This is one of the largest coal open cuts. It is possible to appreciate the beauty of Tomsk and Kemerovo regions nature in travel. Chernigovskiy open cut is a quarry where high-quality power plant and coking coal is mined. Age of coals is Permian. During the tour you will have an opportunity to visit and get acquainted with the technology of coal mining. Two processing plants are set on the open cut territory (for power plant and coking coal). Please note the way to the open cut will take 4 hours by bus.

Golden rush

The presented route allows you to observe one of the most picturesque places near Tomsk city. The Larinsky landscape preservation area territory is a standard natural zone of transition from the plains to the Kuznetsk Alatau. First of all, this area is famous for Tugoyakovsky travertine cascade, or “Zvezdny kluych” where hydrogeologists of Tomsk Polytechnic University have found rare mineral – birnessite. Moreover, there are many rock outcrops along the Tugoyakovka River where you can observe the geological history of the Tomsk region. In addition, the presented area has long been known as gold-bearing territory so you will have the opportunity to test yourself as Russian gold miners in XIX century.



Open cut and Coal basin
Golden rush