The registration fee for the accompaying person includes the price of the accompanying person's programme. If you did not pay the Registration fee for accompanying person your accompanying person will not be able to participate in the programme or will be required to pay an additional fee.

1. Participants registration.

2. Ice-breaker.


The folklore program "The majestic welcome of guests with bread and salt".

Excursion about the development of Siberia "Visiting the Voivode!" (show-excursion to the Cossack gaol of the XVII century, 30 km from Tomsk). You will get acquainted with the Cossack culture of Siberia. The Voivode will tell you how Siberia was founded, how Cossack gaols were built and guarded and how they built their everyday life. Participate in the folklore program "The majestic welcome of guests with bread and salt."

In additionally, you can also visit Russian pancakes and protective amulet workshops!

Sightseeing tour "Old – New Tomsk" with a visit to the Museum of Wooden Architecture. The tour tells about 4 centuries-old city life from 1604 to our days, shows unique wooden buildings with beautiful carved casings- Tomsk's landmark, introduces the culture of the Siberian people, reveals the essence of the “Siberian Athens”, shows Tomsk like one of the recognized innovation centers of the country.


Master class in Russian cuisine: dumplings molding, etc.

Excursion to the Museum of Slavic mythology with a master class on painting a wooden spoon. Tea-drinking on the roof with samovars and stories about Russian traditions. Visiting a gift shop.


Excursion with all participants for the whole day.


Walking tour “Willkommen in Sibirien” about the role of the Germans in the history of Tomsk. Tourists will learn about the huge contribution of the Germans to the economy, architecture of the city, science. It is an opportunity to visit the German church built for the Russian-German summit and visit the Russian-German house (an old carved merchant TEREM). Also, you will have a chance to take part in an interactive program, sing popular German songs and of course learn to dance German dances.

Gastronomic excursion to the old Tomsk Kruger brewery, founded by the German Karl Kruger in 1884, with a tasting of kvass and beer according to old Siberian recipes. You can also have dinner at the Kruger beer restaurant with interpreter services.


Excursion to the unique enterprise "Siberian Cedar", where the tourists will have a possibility to observe the process of making chocolates from pine nuts, squeezing the most useful cedar oil and will try to make marmalade from Siberian berries by themselves

Conference closing ceremony

Closing dinner


July 27. Saturday.







The majestic welcome of guests with bread and salt".
"Old – New Tomsk"
Master class in Russian cuisine
Master class in Russian cuisine
The Museum of Slavic Mythology
“Willkommen in Sibirien”
Tomsk Kruger Brewery
"Siberian Cedar"

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