“How to get published in an international science journal”

Seminar for young researchers by Prof., Editor-in-Chief  of "Applied Geochemistry" journal Michael Kersten

TIME  July 26, 2019 at 14:40-15:40

This seminar is aimed at understanding how and what editors and publishers of international research journals expect from authors. The ideas presented on how the peer review process works may give invaluable insights, which may help to optimize own submissions. After attending this seminar, participants will have a clear idea of the steps need to be taken before submitting a paper. In particular, participants will be made aware of what parts of their papers editors look at most critically before to decide whether to send out for peer review or eventually to desk-reject. This may help to ensure that when taking care of these issues, submissions are more likely to be processed. Issues like polishing the English, selecting the right journal, writing up an attractive cover letter, selecting the right reviewers, and others are tackled. Dealing with the revision process and referees’ comments as well as the art of polite rebuttal letter are also described, eventually improving acceptance of the submitted paper once revised. These intimate insights from an experienced editors’ perspective will enable the participants to become more confident in the world of science publishing and help them to get their papers published with higher impact. After the talk, there will be time left for specific questions from auditory to be discussed.

Michael Kersten
Prof., Editor-in-Chief  of "Applied Geochemistry"