Authors should submit their manuscripts according to the following instruction

  • The manuscript should be one column format. The paper size - 170  250 mm or adjust the margins to top - 24 mm, left and right - 20 mm, bottom - 16 mm. Please submit your manuscript in ONLY DOC or DOCX format.

  • The maximum number of pages is limited to 5, for key speakers - to 8 pages.

  • The title is set in bold 16-point Arial, justified. The first letter of the title should be capitalised with the rest in lower case. You should leave 22 mm of space above the title and 6 mm after the title.

  • The style for the names is First Names, typed in italic 10-point Times, then Last Name, typed in 10-point Times, with a comma after all except the last author, which is separated by comma + “and”. Do not use academic titles. Affiliations of authors should be typed in 9-point Times. They should be preceded by a numerical superscript corresponding to the same superscript after the name of the author concerned. Please ensure that affiliations are as full and complete as possible and include the country.

  • Abstract. You should leave 8 mm of space above the abstract and 10 mm after the abstract. The heading Abstract should be typed in bold 9-point Arial. The body of the abstract should be typed in normal 9-point Times in a single paragraph, immediately following the heading. The text should be set to 1 line spacing. The abstract should be centred across the page, indented 17 mm from the left and right page margins and justified. It should not normally exceed 200 words.

  • The text of your manuscript should be typed in 10-point Times, Times Roman or Times New Roman. The text should be set to single line spacing. Paragraphs should be justified. The first paragraph after a section or subsection should not be indented; subsequent paragraphs should be indented by 5 mm. The use of sections to divide the text of the paper is optional and left as a decision for the author. Where the author wishes to divide the paper into sections the formatting shown in Table 2 (look at Template represented from the left side) should be used.

  • Figures and tables, as originals of good quality and well contrasted, must be in their final form, ready for reproduction, pasted in the appropriate place in the text. Try to ensure that the size of the text in your figures is approximately the same size as the main text (10 point). Try to ensure that lines are no thinner than 0.25 point.

  • Online references will be linked to their original source, only if possible. To enable this linking extra care should be taken when preparing reference lists. References should be cited in the text by placing sequential numbers in brackets (for example, [1], [2, 5, 7], [8-10]). They should be numbered in the order in which they are cited.

More details you can find in the Template.

Please follow the requirements described in the Template. 

Manuscripts of incorrect format will not be accepted.

Please make sure to submit your manuscript by 

Manuscript submission is closed!!!

NOTE! Authors must submit revised manuscripts within ONE WEEK after receiving review.