Geological evolution of water-rock system: mechanisms, processes, factors, stages.

The interest of scientists to the problem of water-rock interaction is rapidly increasing every year. Scientific progress in the field of evolution of environment,  origin of life, mechanisms of evolution acceleration, the evolution of hydrosphere, mechanisms and processes of oil formation and etc are associated with the development of water-rock interaction scientific direction. The solution of all these problems is at the initial stage, but it has great prospects in understanding origin of the surrounding world. Applied importance of the water-rock interaction study lies in clarifying the processes and mechanisms for the formation of waters' chemical composition, estimating the scale and finding ways to prevent the increasing anthropogenic pollution of the hydrosphere, rational use of water in drinking, medical, industrial, recreational purposes and etc.



Stepan Lvovich Shvartsev, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the USSR State Prize, Head of the Siberian Hydrogeochemical School. He was a world-renowned scientist in the field of hydrogeology, oil and gas hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry, the founder of the new concept about geological evolution of the water-rock system. Stepan Shvartsev passed away on 27th of June, 2018.

Stepan Shvartsev recieved his PhD in 1964 and graduated from Tomsk Polytechnic University where specialized in "The formation of the chemical composition of groundwater in areas of sulfide deposits under conditions of the permafrost development".

In 1966, he was assigned to work in Guinea as a teacher at the Conakry Polytechnic Institute. In 1979, he successfully defended his post-doctoral thesis “Formation of groundwater chemical composition in the hypergenesis zone” at Moscow State University and published the widely known monograph “Hydrogeochemistry of the hypergenesis zone” (1978, 2nd edit.1998, eng. version 2008). 

He is one of the organizers and authors of the 6-volume monograph "Fundamentals of Hydrogeology", published in 1980-1984 and awarded in 1986 the USSR State Prize.

Stepan Shvartsev is the founder of the new scientific direction “Geological evolution and self-organization of the water-rock system”, which allowed to explain mechanisms and processes of formation of many geochemical types of water from a new point of view.

He supervised 50 PhD-students and 10 post-doctorants and his modern scientific views were repeatedly supported by grants from the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian Science Foundation, and many foreign scientific foundations. High creative and scientific professor Shvartsev's productivity is reflected in a large number of publications: more than 600 papers, including 100 in English, 20 monographs, 8 textbooks.

His theory about the “equilibrium-disequilibrium state” was reflected and in his life phylosophy: he was not afraid to create new things contrary to existing and well-established ideas, had unconventional view on traditional ideas and received original and simple answers on confusing questions.



Stepan Shvartsev
Stepan Shvartsev and his graduates attended WRI-14 in Avignon, France
Stepan Shvartsev with his team and colleagues from East China University of Technology during field trip. Jiangxi Province, China.