All manuscripts should generally align with the following topics, but sessions may be added for groups of manuscripts which share a common theme.

1. Geological evolution of water-rock system: mechanisms, processes, factors, stages. The session dedicated to Stepan Shvartsev’s memory.

2. Organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, formation of oil and gas deposits.

3. Water-Rock Interaction during oil and gas field development and operation.

4. Thermodynamics and kinetics of water-rock interaction, experimental geochemistry.

5. Modeling of hydrogeochemical and ore formation processes.

6. Geochemical cycles of elements and global environmental changes.

7. Geochemistry of natural waters: from atmospheric precipitations to deep brines.

8. Magmatic, metamorphic and geothermal processes.

9. Water-rock interaction controlling water quality and human health issues.

10. Disposal of radioactive waste: geological, hydrogeological and geochemical aspects.

11. Advances in analytical techniques for the study of water-rock interaction.

12. Applied isotope geochemistry.

13. Innovative Methods for Characterizing Metal and Nutrient Budgets in the Present and Past Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments. The session dedicated to Tom Bullen’s memory.