TOMSK – it is history

Tomsk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia. It was found in 1604 by decree of Boris Godunov. Tomsk is the city where the first behind Ural University was established. It is the city of Siberian merchants, exiled Decembrists and Chekhov whose spirit stayed on the streets and in walls of old buildings in baroque and classicism style.

TOMSK – it is universities and science

Tomsk is called “city of students”. Every 5th citizen of Tomsk studies at a University. Tomsk is the oldest major educational, research and innovation center in Siberia. It counts 9 universities, 15 research institutes, Technology Innovative Special Economic Zone and 6 business incubators. Due to the fact of high density of universities, Tomsk was unofficially named as “Siberian Athens”

TOMSK – it is wooden architecture

Wooden architecture of Tomsk is a magnificent heritage of art and is doubtless “name card” of the city. Since the 17th century wood has been the most affordable and thus favorite building material in Siberia. The beautiful houses, dressed in carved lace, the oldest wooden architecture transfer you to take you in times of merchants, wagons and ladies in lush dresses.

TOMSK – it is the heart of Siberia

Tomsk includes many green areas, such as parks, gardens, and so on. The city is surrounded by endless forest (taiga) with magnificent flora and fauna. People often associate Tomsk with its bitterly cold winter months, but rarely think of this as being a city that enjoys beautiful sunny summers, with highs of up to 30°C / 86°F during the very best weather and a completely frost-free period of around 120 days.